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Our Mission

Inspire Teaching & Learning Background and Overview

Redefining Teacher Professional Development

Inspired students in every classroom, every year. Free, high-quality professional development for teachers. The Inspire Teaching & Learning movement prepares and supports inspirational teachers. Let our suite of research-based, classroom-tested professional development modules help you create a learning environment that is productive, rewarding, and inspirational. On-Demand Modules are 30 to 60-minute microcourses that develop teachers’ knowledge, skills, and mindsets around specific elements of inspirational teaching. Inspire Teaching & Learning is a movement of teacher preparation programs committed to improving student outcomes through providing teachers with personalized professional development. Teacher preparation programs who partner with Inspire Teaching & Learning improve student outcomes through providing teachers with personalized professional development.

Our Mission

Each child deserves an inspiring teacher. The mission of Inspire Teaching & Learning is to empower educators with research-based knowledge, classroom-tested tools and practices so they can inspire students to achieve academic and social success. We partner with teacher preparation organizations and PK-12 school districts to strengthen our vision of providing an inspirational teacher in every classroom.

“Inspire Teaching & Learning is a movement focused first and foremost on students. We aim to help all teachers inspire their students, ensuring they feel welcome, affirmed, and excited to learn.”

Brian Nethero Inspire Teaching & Learning