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Inspire: Leading In Learning Spring Newsletter

News   |   March 20, 2018

Inspire: Leading In Learning Spring Newsletter

Welcome to the spring 2018 Inspire: Leading In Learning newsletter, where you’ll find updates on all the latest and greatest Inspire: Leading In Learning happenings. Be on the lookout for future newsletters too, as we’ll continue to share updates and exciting news regularly. Here’s what’s going on now!

New Module Platform

We are proud to announce the launch of our new and improved module platform. You will find access to an improved user experience with express modules, enhanced content, an expanded library, and easy navigation and search tools. Be sure to watch our videos on how to access the on demand modules.

Feature Beneft
An improved learning experience from the leader in teacher professional development We’ve redesigned the entire user experience to make it faster for you to find modules, earn certificates, and keep track of your progress.
New express modules: Complete in 30 mins. or less To improve the user experience, we have redesigned some standard 60-minute modules into express 30-minute modules to provide additional flexibility.
Improved module flow Improved navigation tools allow you to easily traverse a module while allowing you to always know exactly where you are.
Better module search Find by topic, keyword, or title
Fully-responsive for all devices Complete a module at home or on the go, wherever you have access to a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Gain an overview of how the platform has improved here

Watch our videos demonstrating how to access Inspire: Leading In Learning modules using our new and improved platform

Access on-demand modules

Tips and Tools for Module Users

Express Modules: Don’t have time to work on a Module for a whole hour today? Check out our express modules that are designed to take 30 minutes! These Inspire: Leading In Learning modules are full of wonderful information designed to enhance skills and knowledge on every level of teacher education. Here are two of our most popular express modules:
Basic Proactive Classroom Management
Identifying Necessary Procedures

Sharing Modules: What better way to share modules with your coworkers and friends then by a click of a button? The Inspire: Leading In Learning modules can be shared that easily. When accessing a select module, you are able to share it with others through Facebook, email, and Twitter. All you have to do is click the “share” button located below the box used to start the module. It will then give you three clickable icons to share using the platform you select.

Clock Hours: An essential attraction of the Inspire: Leading In Learning modules is the professional development experience. Each completed on-demand module generates a professional development certificate; either 60 minutes for a standard on-demand module or 30 minutes for an express on-demand module.


Webinar Series

Please join us for the Inspire: Leading In Learning webinar series showcasing best practices for integrating Inspire: Leading In Learning. You will have the opportunity to hear representatives from National University’s Sanford College of Education and other educators share their insights and expertise on the integration of Inspire in Pre-K-12 schools, teacher-prep programs, and school districts.

Register for any of the following webinars:

April 17

Outreach & Implementation of Inspire: Leading In Learning at the In-Service Level.
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April 25

District Implementation of Inspire: Leading In Learning: Case study featuring Long Island University’s use of Inspire: Leading In Learning for professional development days in New York City.
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May 2

Inspire: Leading In Learning Integration into Pre-K-12 Schools as Professional Development Tool: Case Study Showcasing Torrey Pines High School Integration Successes.
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May 23

Inspire: Leading In Learning Integration Model for Teacher Agencies: Showcase Integration Options for Teacher Agencies that Provide Teachers and Substitute Teachers to School Districts.
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Inspire: Leading In Learning Leadership Summit Brings Together Educators Nationwide

Panelists at the March 12-13 Inspire: Leading In Learning Leadership Summit (left to right): Dr. Joseph Johnson, dean of the College of Education at San Diego State University; Eduardo Solorzano of the Los Angeles Unified School District; Dr. Judy Mantle, dean of the Sanford College of Education at National University; Eric Gurna, LA’s BEST; and Richie Ressel, director of Harmony SEL at National University.

A shared commitment to inspiring teaching and leadership brought together more than 50 education leaders from around the country to participate in the Inspire: Leading In Learning Leadership Summit on March 12-13 in San Diego. The goal of the two-day forum at the Sanford Education Center at National University was to advance initiatives designed to inspire Pre-K-12 students to succeed.

A leadership panel launched the event with a lively discussion featuring panelists Dr. Judy Mantle, dean of the Sanford College of Education at National University; Dr. Joe Johnson, dean of the College of Education at San Diego State University; Eduardo Solorzano, director of instruction at Los Angeles Unified School District; Eric Gurna, president and CEO of LA’s BEST, an organization that provides safe and supervised after school education, enrichment, and recreation programs; and Richard Ressel, director of Inspire: Leading In Learning at National University System.

Among the topics discussed by the panelists included increasing engagement with parents, reaching diverse student audiences, and ensuring educators have access to ongoing professional development and resources that can lead to more inspiring teaching

“An inspiring teacher is effective, energetic and enthusiastic,” said Dr. Judy Mantle. “They bring everything to life in the classroom and communicate clearly through words and actions that all students matter, and everyone is valued.”

Eduardo Solorzano noted that inspiring teaching starts with understanding student needs: “We need to know who the students are, to understandtheir experiences and build that into their instruction, into the relationship building. We inspire so that they can aspire.”

Eric Gurna noted that teachers beneft from ongoing support, not just tools: “We need to look at teacher education as self-development, not just providing tools to implement but creating conditions that allow them to have the experience of their imagination coming to life in their work.”

Many of the Leadership Summit participants were members of the Sanford Education Collaborative, a group of 20 universities from around the country led by the National University System that are advancing two programs developed to support educators and student success: Harmony SEL, a Pre-K-6 social emotional learning program, and Inspire: Leading In Learning, which provides access to research-based teaching methodologies and on-demand, self-guided online courses and video models designed to encourage inspiring classroom experiences

The focus of the Inspire: Leading In Learning Leadership Summit was mostly on Inspire: Leading In Learning, though the two programs are aligned and support the development of the whole child. Inspire: Leading In Learning is based on the idea that every child should have not just one, but many inspiring teachers. The program is the vision of philanthropist T. Denny Sanford, who joined the Leadership Summit to chat and mingle with the educators.

When asked what defines an inspiring teacher, the panelists responded that a teacher’s highest priority is to establish positive connections with students through relationship building and caring. When educators create an environment where students feel valued, respected, and capable, it leads to a positive, transformational culture where teachers can build effective, engaging instruction that is essential to student success.

In discussing the importance of creating conditions for student success, panelists talked about providing equal emphasis on creating conditions where teachers feel valued and supported. A vital part of training, recruiting, and retaining inspired teachers is developing a culture of collaboration. Teachers are the driving force of innovation in education, and by establishing open dialog within the community, objectives can be tailored to be more responsive to the needs of teachers

During the Summit, Collaborative members shared how they are integrating Inspire: Leading In Learning principles into their schools of education or through professional development outreach. Examples were shared by: National University and City University of Seattle – both part of the National University System; Long Island University and Nova Southeastern University.

Adding perspectives, the Leadership Summit featured a presentation by David Quilleon, sr. vice president, Global Mission, State Development and Operation of Best Buddies. Following a celebratory evening recognizing Inspire: Leading In Learning champions, the Leadership Summit concluded with small group breakout sessions for participants to share their perspectives on inspiring teaching. The Leadership Summit was organized by the Inspire Programs team at the National University System, which is led by Director Scott Page.

Learn more about how you can get involved in the Inspire: Leading In Learning movement:

Collaborative University Spotlight

Inspire: Leading In Learning Exchange collaboration with the New York Department of Education, Broward County Public Schools, Long Island University, and Nova Southeastern University.

Long Island University and Nova Southeastern University held the first ever Inspire: Leading In Learning Exchange on December 7-8 at the NSU campus. This collaboration included the New York City Department of Education, LIU, NSU, and Broward County Public Schools. The purpose of this event was to bring administrators and educators together to collaborate on school success. The NYCDOE was able to visit three schools in Broward County and learn about the accomplishments and challenges that each are seeing at their schools. The schools have adopted both Inspire and Harmony as part of their daily culture. Modules are used not only for professional development for the faculty and staff, but also to change the way they teach in order to create inspirational classrooms. Thank you to LIU and NSU for putting together an amazing event that allows for collaboration with key participants and is expanding the Inspire: Leading In Learning Mission.

Inspire is Expanding

The Inspire: Leading In Learning Collaborative includes public research universities and private nonproft universities with a demonstrated track record of commitment to quality through their teacher education programs. They represent a diverse range of institutions and communities, and are all nonproft universities united in their singular commitment to empowering teachers through quality programs supporting the success of future generations of students. The Collaborative does this through a coordinated effort with Pre-K-12 schools, districts, and teachers that includes professional training and curriculum support that are provided at no cost.

Inspire: Leading In Learning Mission

Each child deserves an inspirational teacher. The mission of Inspire: Leading In Learning is to empower educators with research-based knowledge, tools, and practices so they can inspire students to achieve academically and socially. We partner with teacher preparation organizations and Pre-K-12 school districts to strengthen our vision of providing an inspirational teacher in every classroom.

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