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Inspire at Home

Teaching in a virtual classroom? Inspire Teaching & Learning’s free online toolkit supports educators with resources to improve self-care, online teaching skills, and communication with students, parents, and caregivers.

Supporting Teachers in the Virtual Classroom

Welcome to Inspire at Home! As schools are closed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Inspire is committed to supporting teachers with the resources they need to thrive in the online teaching environment.

Have you recently become a remote teacher? You are not alone!

Inspire at Home is a free online toolkit curated with vital training that equips you to practice effective self-care and support your students as they learn at home. This toolkit includes Inspire resources developed especially for classroom teachers to help you cope with stress, respond to students mindfully, and build relationships in a virtual teaching landscape.

At Inspire Teaching & Learning, we believe when your cup is full, you have more to share. Access the Inspire Online Learning Portal to get started today, and explore our helpful self-care, student, and parent and caregiver resources below!

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About Inspire Teaching & Learning

Inspire Teaching & Learning celebrates and develops inspirational educators through free on-demand courses and resources designed to support social emotional learning and inspirational instruction in the Pre-K-12 classroom and with our partner universities. Inspire offers more than 70 free on-demand courses that can be completed in an hour or less, each one supporting educator professional development.

Why Choose Inspire at Home?

Personalized Professional Development

Explore a variety of free and affordable opportunities to deepen your learning and elevate your social emotional learning practice.

30- and 60-Minute Courses

Build teaching practices and develop SEL capacity through free, on-demand, self-guided modules written by university faculty and teachers.

Course Assessments and Certificates

Receive certificates of completion reflecting “time on module” which supports professional learning and personal growth.

Mobile Friendly

Access Inspire webinars and modules when and where it’s convenient for you! All courses are accessible on your phone, tablet, and computer.

Here’s How to Get Started

Getting started with Inspire at Home is easy. In this toolkit, you’ll find recommendations for Inspire modules, on-demand webinars, articles, and resources from our trusted partners. Modules can be accessed in the Online Learning Portal. Register for free and use our annotated Getting Started Guide for easy navigation. For the best Portal experience, keep these tips in mind:

  • Register for the Online Learning Portal and log in to access modules. It’s free!
  • Navigate directly to a selected module from the links provided.
  • If the link doesn’t take you to the module, don’t worry! Go to the Dashboard and search for modules by name.
  • When searching for modules, type a keyword from the title or include the full title.
  • You can also browse by topic when you want to explore more resources.

Remote Teaching Resources

Below you will find a curated selection of resources that we hope can help guide and support you through this challenging time. We’ve divided the resources into three sections covering the topics below:

Teacher Self-Care Resources

Thank you for prioritizing your well-being. Students and parents will be looking to you for guidance, and we know that can add to your stress while taking away from the time you dedicate to self-care. Set aside some time to learn from these helpful modules from our Online Learning Portal and on-demand webinars.

Module: Coping with Teacher Stress

“Coping with Teacher Stress” offers tips on how to keep your cool during this global crisis. The module includes relaxation exercises, fresh perspectives, and great advice for positive self-talk. Give yourself space to acknowledge and manage the stress that comes with new challenges.

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headshot of Christopher S. Reina, Ph.D

Webinar: Mindfulness for Educators

Presented by: Christopher S. Reina, Ph.D. President and Founder Leading Without Ego, LLC

Dr. Chris Reina shares the key components and benefits of practicing mindfulness every day. Reina also discusses how we can integrate mindfulness strategies into our lives as we face the challenges of COVID-19 during a time when self-care is more important than ever.

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headshot of Elizabeth Cook, Senior National Advisor for Social Emotional Health, Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Webinar: Filling Your Cup: Comprehensive Self-Care for Educators

Presented by: Elizabeth Cook, Senior National Advisor for Social Emotional Health, Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Elizabeth Cook explains how our emotional and social cups become empty even when we think we’ve filled them. She outlines how we, collectively, can work together toward developing effective self-care strategies that are meaningful and manageable for educators.

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Student Support Resources

Between schooling at home and processing the realities of a global pandemic, your students are encountering new experiences each day. Reaching out to offer support and encouragement will enrich their learning experience and their mental health. Let the following resources guide your path as you build relationships with students in your new virtual learning environment.

Module: Building Relationships with Students

Teacher-student relationships affect student motivation, behavior, and academic achievement, as well as how students interact with each other. In this module, discover concrete steps you can take to form stronger bonds with your students even while learning outside the conventional classroom.

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headshot of Leah Juelke, 2019 North Dakota Teacher Award State Winner

Webinar: Strategies for Supporting Diverse Learners in a Digital World

In this engaging webinar, 2019 North Dakota Sanford Teacher Award Winner Leah Juelke shares practical ways to support, understand and build connections in your diverse classroom using digital tools in either a classroom or remote learning settings.

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headshot of Dr. Mary Conage, Director of Special Projects, University of Florida

Webinar: Culturally Responsive Learning Environments

Presented by: Dr. Mary Conage, Director of Special Projects, University of Florida

Dr. Mary Conage, Director of Special Projects, University of Florida, shares tools to facilitate authentic reflection, intentional planning, and focused action for more equitable academic experiences and achievement outcomes for diverse learners.

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Parent and Caregiver Support Resources

Remote learning is new to your students’ parents and caregivers, too. Support them by sharing useful online resources like Harmony at Home and establishing open, honest communication. Review the following resources to learn new strategies designed to help you build strong relationships remotely.

Module: Strategies for Communicating with Parents

During this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to keep communication strong between parents and teachers. Watch this module for tips on developing and maintaining healthy, honest communication with parents and caretakers.

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Module: Strategies for Engaging with Parents

During this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to maintain strong parent engagement. Check out this module for tips on building positive teacher-parent relationships that can be applied in any setting.

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Graduate Credit Opportunities for Teachers

You have resources at your fingertips. It’s time to start learning at home, just like your students. Take this opportunity to work on professional development, learn some new SEL teaching strategies, and earn graduate credits at no cost.

Inspire Teaching & Learning educators can earn up to nine free graduate credit hours through the completion of two Inspire courses (four modules each). These self-paced, asynchronous modules are designed to be completed in four weeks.

Upon successful completion, learners will receive transcripts from National University. You can transfer these credits toward completion of a Master of Arts in Education with Emphasis in Social Emotional Learning from National University, as part of the $7,500 tuition rate program.

Submit an application for the Inspire Teaching & Learning free graduate credit hours.

*This program is not designed for students seeking a teaching credential. National University course and program availability varies by state.

Additional Resources

Check out these resources from our distinguished partners to optimize your virtual teaching experience.

Harmony at Home

Share the Harmony at Home online toolkit with parents and caretakers to equip them with resources and support to navigate their new role as homeschool teachers.


Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, President of the Learning Policy Institute and professor emeritus at Stanford University, wrote an article providing important resources for administrators, teachers, and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

From healthy meal ideas to sleep activities, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has compiled resources to keep your mind and body healthy during times of change or transition.


Visit Edutopia’s site for relevant articles and videos to support teacher wellness and educator self-care.

A Note of Support and Commitment from Inspire Teaching & Learning and the National University System

Inspire Teaching & Learning wants to support educators with the resources they need to stay well and empowered during the COVID-19 pandemic and any future crises. The emotional and social well-being of educators, students, and their communities is our top priority. Best wishes for health, safety, and patience as you navigate these unusual circumstances and discover new opportunities to learn and develop your teaching career. As always, our team is available to answer your questions along the way.

Scott Page

Sr. Vice President, Inspire Teaching & Learning

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Michael R. Cunningham, Ph.D.

Chancellor, National University System

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