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Imbedding Inspire On-Demand Modules in Courses

City University of Seattle has been exploring a variety of ways to imbed the Inspire modules into coursework. The process began by aligning module titles with the syllabus content and the state competencies for each course. The modules, and the submission of certificates, were included as an assignment, factoring into the final grade for the course. The practice has been modified from an individual candidate completing the module to an in-class activity, during which time the candidates work on the modules, complete the artifacts, and view videos together as a cohort. It has been reported that candidates find the learning opportunity richer and more meaningful when completed within the social context of the classroom. The conversations among the candidates explore a variety of perspectives. Thoughtful questions and energizing discussions occur, as the candidates grapple with the content in a collaborative professional setting. Candidate application of the strategies learned from the modules into professional practices has been successful with the structured, facilitated processing, which occurs during a class session. They appreciate the rich dialogue and time for processing and reflection, which in turn strengthens knowledge, understanding, and use of the strategies.