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Connecting After the Power of Engagement Summit 2021

Research   |   News   |   March 23, 2021

Connecting After the Power of Engagement Summit 2021

Start Watching #POESummit Recordings
Check out the highlights and recordings from our first virtual summit!


The Power of Engagement Summit 2021 was a huge success, thanks to our collaborative community. We learned from impactful keynote speakers and experienced practitioners in 42 interactive sessions. Each of the breakout leaders offered practical implementation strategies based on real-life success and situations. Key themes at this #POESummit included trauma-informed SEL, relationship-building during distance learning, and practicing culturally responsive teaching.


This is what people are saying about #POESummit…

“I can’t begin to tell you how enlightened I was by the outstanding Power of Engagement Summit. The presenters were able to share information from first-hand experience. They spoke with enthusiasm, assuredness. They shared numerous examples as needed and where other resources can be found.”


Start Watching Power of Engagement Recordings on YouTube

If you missed any of the presentations and sessions or want to experience the highlights again, start viewing the recordings now at no cost on YouTube! We are curating a growing playlist with Harmony SEL. All videos are available with closed captioning.


Power of Engagement Keynote Presentations

Check out these presentations from leaders in SEL-informed Education:

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D.

Professor of Education, Psychology, and Neuroscience and Director of CANDLE, University of Southern California

Jacqueline Jodl, Ph.D.

Sr. Vice President of Global Youth & Education, Special Olympics

The Neuroscience of Student Engagement 

Does having an emotional connection with courses, units and materials make a difference for students? In conversation with Dr. Jodl, Dr. Immordino-Yang shares her research on the neuropsychology of social and emotional feelings and their connections to memory and cultural learning.


Mary Gilbert, Ed.S.

Principal, Tullahoma City Schools

Jennifer Bean

Teacher, Tullahoma City Schools

Lifting the Voices of Students and Teachers: Administrators Are Listening

Mary Gilbert, an administrator in Tennessee, talks with her students and teacher Jennifer Bean about their experience during the pandemic and ways that they engage with each other, using Harmony as a high-leverage tool to support student and adult voice.


David Adams

Sr. Director of Strategy, The Urban Assembly
Board of Directors, CASEL

Using SEL Skills to Pursue the Common Good

In this keynote presentation, David Adams presents the role social and emotional skills play in building and maintaining community and how schools can create developmentally relevant experiences to ensure that graduates pursue a more perfect union.


Must-Watch Breakout Sessions 

We are adding new videos from the Power of Engagement every week — complete with closed captioning. Don’t miss these breakout session highlights and enrich your learning with recommended Harmony and Inspire connections in the Online Learning Portal:


Creating a Systemic Approach to SEL Using Harmony

Kristen Rulison, Eileen Nieves, and Aleida Trinidad demonstrate how to create a common language around SEL, share ideas to strengthen classroom climate, and build a sense of community. Connect this session with Harmony Everyday Practices and sign up for implementation training.


Unpacking Trauma to Promote Purpose

Arlinda Davis invites participants to explore problem-solving and identify barriers in the SEL community for children experiencing trauma or SEL-related issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Connect this session with the Inspire module “Supporting Trauma-Exposed Students.”


Implementing Peace and Building Empathy

Sarah Campbell demonstrates how implementing peace education practices can transform school culture, foster resiliency, and build a sense of community. Connect this session with the Inspire module “Teaching Empathy.”


Using Technology to Broaden Worldviews

Dr. Melissa Collins and Michael Dunlea demonstrate how to maximize the Harmony program to achieve diverse learning experiences that build empathy and understanding. Connect this session with Harmony Unit 1: Diversity & Inclusion and the Inspire module “Working Against Racial Bias.”



We hope you gain fresh perspectives and energize your SEL implementation as we look forward to new challenges and opportunities in education. Stay connected with us by emailing and follow us on social media.


We look forward to seeing you thrive!